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praeriedikter's Journal

5 July
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I am new to the world of fan fiction and am currently trying to read my way through the internet. I am also (somewhat) a writer and am starting to "try out" writing fan fiction. But, to be honest, right now the reading is more fun than the writing. I am such a Luddite and technology pretty much defeats me. This makes it difficult to have an interesting journal as I don't know how to do so many things that would enhance the look and the experience. I am also loathe to put my "stuff" in the journal cause I don't know how to hide things under cuts, how to put warnings out, etc. I am even too nervous to ask anyone to beta my work (and, trust me, it needs it badly). One of the benefits of this whole thing is that I am slowly doing some experimentation with the computer and, if not actually stepping out of my comfort zone, I am at least leaning over the edge of it.